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Digital Accountants.

Linford Grey, Digital Accountants, Founder and Managing Director Adam Pritchard, ACCA, MA, BA.

“I began my career in the creative industries working for film and theatre companies before taking a role as a management consultant in a small London consultancy firm.

It was clear to me that the advancements in technology and the democratisation of information, education and data meant that in order to stay relevant accountants needed to change.

My vision was to build a practice that looked and felt more like a fintech company. Linford Grey is such a firm, we’re Digital Accountants. An advisory-led practice with an impressive tech stack that we leverage to add value for clients. A carefully crafted service offering that ensures everyone receives value and has access to the expertise they require, when they require them.”

Linford Grey Story.

Digital Accountants, Linford Grey started life, as most businesses do, and that is small and with an idea. So we know what you’re going through if you’ve just started a business as we’ve been there.

We’ve been in business, helping small business owners with their accounting and bookkeeping needs since 2018.

Being an advisory-led practice, focused on building an ecosystem of assets that we can leverage for the benefit of clients has allowed us to successfully scale client services whilst growing rapidly and organically. Servicing niches in the hospitality and e-commerce sectors as well as the wider SME and startup market.

We’re Xero Certified Gold Partners and are the Total Xero Award Winner 2021, chosen from just one of three finalists for this National Award. This is testament to the quality of our client services and the execution of and commitment to our own ambitions in the industry.

We also won ‘In-House Marketing Team of the Year‘ at the Accounting Excellence Awards 2023.

Our Tech-Stack.

We’re a digital-first practice, but what does that actually look like? Well, like this.
We’ve mapped out our tech-stack to show the partners we work with and how the tech we use links together.

The entire team uses the Google Drive, where we collaboratively work on documents. The accounting team uses Karbon, our practice management, to stay on top of their workload and Ignition is used for onboarding new clients.

Purchase ledger management we have Hubdoc and ApprovalMax, for e-commerce clients we use Unleashed. Sales management we have multiple options, A2X is great for e-commerce, BarTab is perfect for our hospitality clients and Epos Now is good for both. When it comes to funding we look to Swoop, payroll Telleroo and business banking Starling Bank. Visually beautiful financial forecasting is what we use Fathom for. And at the heart of everything sits Xero, our cloud accounting software.

We’re an advisory-led practice and we leverage our tech-stack to add value for clients.

Our Culture.

Linford Grey considers life and business synonymous. We believe personal responsibility and hard work serve as the cornerstone of a philosophy that singularly and coherently delivers success and binds the community we create.

This means that we deliver for our clients, we are motivated by the achievement of excellence and perhaps most importantly the results, which is the most important part of our client relationships.

This manifests in a corporate culture that values enterprise and personal responsibility, where the goal of every member of the team is to proactively drive the agenda of our clients’ businesses as well as our own.

We want to work with like-minded individuals who are passionate about what they do and their business.

Our Team.

Adam Pritchard MD Linford Grey

Managing Director

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Adam is the founder of Linford Grey. As a qualified Chartered Certified Accountant, he holds an ACCA professional membership.

Before moving into business consultancy he worked extensively in the creative industries for independent film and theatre companies in London.

Adam has a vast range of experience, that combined with his professional ethics and personal philosophies makes Linford Grey a trusted partner in business for organisations across the UK.

Adam was born and raised in Leicester and is a keen fight fan. Having spent his youth competing around the country… he feels sure he could have been a real contender.

When you become a Linford Grey client you will work closely with Adam, he will also be the one to onboard you.

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Laila Elvin Junior Accountant Linford Grey Associates

Senior Accountant

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Originally from Bristol, Laila moved to Leicester to study Accounting & Finance at De Montfort University.

She’s a Chartered Certified Accountant after completing her ACCA qualification in the summer of 2022 alongside working at Linford Grey.

Laila has had many different experiences in her journey to becoming an accountant, from working in a small accounts team in industry to junior auditor in an audit firm.

Some of her hobbies outside of work include listening to music (she loves a bit of everything!), taking her dog Blue on long weekend walks, and going out to dinner with friends and family.

Laila looks after a number of clients at Linford Grey and she checks in with them every month on a health check call.

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Sophie Redman Head of Media and Marketing Linford Grey Associates

Media & Marketing

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Born in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) to British parents, Sophie has an international background that brings a fresh approach to the media and marketing side of things at Linford Grey.

Sophie has a wealth of experience from working internationally. She is creative, has a great passion for all things marketing and is always looking to evolve and integrate ideas into the communications and marketing at Linford Grey.

When she is not in the office Sophie is either visiting her home country seeing family and friends or just relaxing at home with a good book.

Most new clients come in through Sophie as she’s our networker, connect with her on LinkedIn. If you haven’t spoken to her, you have more than likely seen her work, as she looks after all things marketing, including this website you’re looking at now.

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Kevin Pritchard Chairman Linford Grey Associates


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Kevin is an experienced business turnaround expert passionately committed to the growth and development of UK businesses regardless of their size.

He specialises in funding, mergers, acquisitions and strategies that help businesses restructure and grow.

Kevin sits on the board of several other companies as a non-executive director and over the course of his career has built and sold several businesses.

The most recent of which was the multi-million pound sale of a manufacturing company to an AIM-listed company.

We are incredibly fortunate and pleased to have him on board as Chairman at Linford Grey. Guiding our strategic growth and making sure we stay true to the values that have, thus far, added value to thousands of stakeholders.

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Get In Touch With The Team.

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It’s so important that your accountant is a right fit for you and your business, that’s why we like to have a video call to see if we’re right for each other.

We’ll just have a chat to find out more about each other for about half an hour. It’s most likely that you’ll speak with our Managing Director Adam. You can book a slot straight into our calendar below.