Accounting Client Stories

We work with wonderful clients at Linford Grey, watch some of our Accounting Client Stories to see how we’ve made a difference to them.

Revolutionising Finance Function.

When a large e-commerce business came to us for their accounting services they had some specific requirements.

They had been working with a very traditional accountancy practice but were looking to really revolutionise their finance function.

We introduced them to an entirely new tech stack, took care of compliance, management information, filled the role of an FD, offered next-level advisory, regular communication and started really looking at their key drivers of growth.

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Adding Immediate Value.

A client came to us with the usual complaints about their accountant.

They weren’t responding on time and when they received their management information, it was unclear.

They had no idea how the business was performing and started looking for a new accountant.

Find out how coming on board with Linford Grey gave them immediate value by watching this video.

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Retiring Accountant.

A business in Financial Services came to Linford Grey as their accountant was retiring.

It was time to move into the cloud as they had been on a QuickBooks desktop solution,, which was being also being retired.

We moved them over to Xero and integrated a number of other tech partners and now they have beautiful monthly financial information, which is presented to them during their board meeting.

By having their financial information at their fingers tips, it has enabled them to dig deep into their own number and enhance the performance of the business.

If your accountant is retiring, get in touch, we’d love to help.


Digging Deep.

It’s not enough to have people with the correct job titles in your business. You need a team who’s going to dig deep and put in the work for you.

We had a client come to us running several e-commerce businesses with different people running the bookkeeping, payroll and accounting.

During the handover process, we noticed that previously nobody had bothered to do the hard work. There were bank transactions that were two years old, but, their accounts had been filed. Nobody had bothered to check or put in work.

What this client really needed was someone who was going to investigate, understand and put everything back together correctly! Someone willing to put in the hard work and dig deep. That’s what we do at Linford Grey.


Lost Faith In Accountant.

Have you lost faith in your accountant?

Let us restore that for you.

We had a client come to us, in the hospitality sector, who was in this exact position.

They didn’t feel like they were a priority for their existing accountant and weren’t getting through to them.

Find out how Linford Grey managed to restore this client’s faith in accountants.

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E-commerce Accounting.

We work with a number of e-commerce businesses, this one, in particular, had received a good amount of investment and was more concerned about the value an accountant could give them rather than focus on the cost.

This meant we could really get involved in the details of the business, the systems and processes, and the key drivers of growth.

Giving them proper management information meant that when they needed to report to their shareholders, they looked fantastic, a real professional outfit with a fantastic and proper finance function.

E-commerce accounting is an area that we specialise in, if you’re running an online business we can help, get in touch with the team.


Fine Dining.

A business owner came to us after successfully exiting a business and wanted to roll that success over into another business. They decided to open a fine dining restaurant in Mayfair, London.

To do that they still needed some borrowing, so we helped them build a business model they could present to the market. Visualising and showing how the business would work and run, this model was successful and they received the finance needed.

Since this case study video the restaurant has been open for a number of months and the client has been with Linford Grey since.

At Linford Grey we have a number of hospitality clients, it’s one of the industries we specialise in.


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