3 signs you should move accountant

Adam Pritchard

By Adam Pritchard
February 10, 2020

Moving accountant can seem like a painstaking process. The perceived enormity of the task means that business owners typically have to be inspirationally dissatisfied before they’ll consider making the change.

As a result, they are willing to accept poorer service levels and fees that are just on the wrong side of reasonable.

However, in today’s world with services like ‘Move My Books’ moving accountant and your systems to the cloud is barely more difficult than changing your phone provider or gym.

We’ll talk anecdotally about the ‘3 BIG’ reasons people have moved to a new accountant and become Linford Grey clients. Before we jump in and decide that all accountants are lazy, fee-hungry sharks we should consider the relationship we want with our accountant.


The accountancy industry has changed. Cloud accounting and the Xero platform, which now includes Hubdoc and Xero Tax, and the wider app market including Practice Ignition, Loom and even Google, have revolutionised the potential value accountants can add to businesses.

The value exchange between accountant and client is much broader and transcends the traditional role of compliance. Machined data entry, real-time information, connected KPIs that drive goals, and close client contact are all at the fingertips of an engaged and driven accountant.

At Linford Grey, the relationship we have with our clients is one of an intelligent friend and a trusted advisor. We commit to your journey and the cornerstone of this commitment is regular communication, integrated, automated solutions and transparent, real-time information for optimum decision-making.

3 signs you should move accountant

1. You’ve received a big tax bill

It is the case for many UK businesses that they reach their year-end and move several months beyond it before they receive their year-end accounts and tax return. At this point, there is nothing to be done about the size of the tax bill now owed to HMRC.

This is a sure sign that your accountant has not looked at your business at any point during the year. They have not thought about the impact that a tax bill will have on your organisation and even your family. It also shows that they do not have the technical infrastructure required to advise you in a timely manner.

2. You don’t really speak

Your accountant’s business is based on a time-for-money exchange. If your accountant doesn’t have the right systems and processes in place and hasn’t invested the time in learning how to scale, they will not be able to commit to speaking with you regularly.

Instead, your accountant is relying on the idea that you will find it too daunting and complex to move accountant. Although you both might acknowledge that there is no real value in the relationship, your accountant is betting that you will not be so dissatisfied that you will be inspired to move.

Linford Grey makes use of regular video calls and Loom videos to make sure our clients know that we’re looking out for them at every opportunity. We can demonstrate, explain and catch up with all our clients as and when needed.

3. Late fines

If you’re getting late penalties it’s because your accountant hasn’t onboarded you properly, they haven’t sent you automated reminders about information deadlines and they haven’t furnished you with up-to-date information on how and when to pay.

They likely haven’t done this because they are under-resourced and don’t have integrated systems that automate these types of compliancy communications. Ask yourself this question:

‘Is your accountant interested in your bottom line or just their own?’

In Summary

The role of the accountant in the world is changing and will continue to evolve. At Linford Grey, we believe that technology can be leveraged to facilitate the value that we as people bring to the role.

We’re not advocating that for £150 per month an accountant should do everything for everyone no questions asked. However, the threshold of expected and exceptional service has changed over time.

If you don’t feel good about the relationship you have with your accountant perhaps it’s time to invest in a new one.

Small Business Accounting has changed. If you’re looking to invest in a new kind of relationship then talk to our team at Linford Grey.

If you’re considering moving accountant and want to know if Linford Grey would be a good fit for you.

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