Plans & Pricing

Choosing Your Perfect Plan.

We have developed four broad, fixed price service packages, Comply, StriveThrive and Arrive. They help us better understand your requirements and how we might be able help.

What you see is what you pay. There are no up front or hidden costs.

All our fees are paid monthly across the year (which is great for your cash flow and ours).

Whilst many organisations will fit in to one of our packages, for those that do not, just talk to us.

We can discuss and see how we can work to deliver the right results for you, and your business, by tailoring a package to your specific needs.

We will always follow up with you personally after an enquiry, to find out more about you and your business.

We look forward to working with you. 

Compliancy Services

Access to Xero

Access to Hubdoc

Monthly payroll

Company secretarial

Monthly pensions

Quarterly VAT return

Statutory accounts

Corporation tax return

Director self assessment

Monthly health check 45 mins

Bookkeeping 100 transactions

Bookkeeping 200 transactions

Twice-monthly pay-run

Management information







Per Month

excl. VAT

Package includes:




Per month

Excl. VAT

package includes:




per month

excl. vat

package includes:





per month

Excl. vat

package includes:

Advisory Packages.

For tailored insights into the specific variables and sensitivities that effect individual businesses we offer additional advisory packages  (but this isn’t a must, just an add on). 

Advisory Services

Key numbers and action plan

Six monthly review

Monthly accountability call

Business modelling / sensitivity analysis

Budget and cash flow creation

Track agreed KPIs monthly (forecast versus actuals)



Per Month

package includes:



Per month

package includes:

planning & insights 


Per month

package includes:

Pricing Example.

We’ve worked out two examples of how you choose your service level. 

Company A turns over £500,000 p.a. and employs 5 people. One of those employees is a good all-round bookkeeper and administrator and so company A will not need our help bookkeeping. 

Company A opts for the Comply package at £150 per month. 


Company B turns over £750,000 p.a. it is an owner managed business with 2 shareholders. The company runs a payroll for 10 staff members who earn overtime and commissions on a monthly basis. They have an experienced administrator on staff but that person has no formal training or experience book keeping and so will need some support and training over time.

In addition the shareholders want quarterly management information and a monthly health check to make sure their records and financial data are in good order.
Company C opts for the Thrive package and the total monthly fee is £400.

Company B decides that they need more management information, want to be reported to monthly and receive personal and corporate tax planning strategies.

They scale up their service level and bolt on a Planning and Insights advisory package.
The total monthly fee becomes £800.00 per month.


We’re here for you and to give you the service you need, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs. We’ll make sure you come in on the right service level you need for your business.