One-Off Services

We’re not just the accountants for you if you’re looking for monthly support, we can also work with you on singular engagements. 

Below you will find a number of one-off services we offer.

Please get in touch if you are in need of any of these services to see how we can help.

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Statutory Accounts.

Is your year-end coming up? Need an accountant to prepare and file your statutory accounts?

We can help.

Preparing and filing your statutory accounts can be complicated and time-consuming.

Plus you can face fines if you make a mistake or file late.

Our highly-experienced team can help with the preparation and filing of your accounts.


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Financial Forecasts.

Budgeting and forecasting are critical to any business’ financial planning and strategy.

Businesses that have budgets and invest in forecasting are more likely to meet their growth targets.

At Linford Grey, we can help with your financial planning and strategy, we have some great software to build visual reports that make sense and give you a clear way forward.

Get in touch with the team about financial planning to see how we can help.

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Digital Migration.

Need to make the move from Excel to the cloud?

We can help.

Migrating businesses from traditional desktop accounting software or Excel-based solutions to the cloud is one of our expertise.

We’re the perfect partner to help you make the transition.

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Looking for a smooth and affordable audit?

Is the traditional process of auditing not really working for your business anymore?

If you’re looking for a new auditing firm, get in touch with us to see how we can help.

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Get In Touch With The Team.

Do you need any of the above services? Why not book a totally free discovery call with our team and speak to us about pricing and timeframes for getting the work done for you.

We like to have a video call to discuss your needs, it puts a face to the service and it's a good way of getting to know each other better.

We'll just have a chat to find out more about the work you need doing for about half an hour. It's most likely that you'll speak with our Managing Director Adam.

You can book a slot straight into our calendar below.