“I can never get hold of my accountant!”

Feel like your accountant is ignoring you?

I can never get hold of my accountant… is this you? Then read more about how this won’t be an issue at Linford Grey.


Our approach.

When it comes to your business’s finances and money, you have important decisions and judgments to make. And often these decisions have to be made quickly!

Isn’t it extremely frustrating if you can’t get hold of your accountant, to speak to one-on-one?

And is there anything more annoying than having to leave a message with an assistant, and having to rely on them to relay your exact query to your accountant as you intended?

At Linford Grey, we recognise that quick, efficient communication is critical to delivering a great level of service.

We focus our resources on serving our existing clients extremely efficiently. Building long-standing relationships, so we know your business inside out.

So if you call our office, you’ll always be put straight through to your accountant, or if they are not available, we guarantee that you will get a response to your query within 24 hours.

We also use personalised recorded videos to report back to you on your queries, and offer you the opportunity to book a 45-minute digital face-to-face Xero health check call every single month.

Making ourselves available, reliable and transparent is what your business pays for (and deserves), and it’s what sets us apart from our competition!

(If you’re not sure how your business is performing or if you’re not sure what your current accountant is billing you for… we can also help)


Get In Touch With The Team.

If you’re facing this problem, where your accountant isn’t responding to your emails or not getting back to you when you’ve left a message with their receptionist or team.

Why not book a totally free discovery call with us and talk to us about your needs? 

We understand how important good communication and transparency is, and especially the annoyance of not receiving a timely response.

It’s so important that your accountant is a right fit for you and your business, that’s why we like to have a video call to see if we’re right for each other.

We’ll just have a chat to find out more about each other for about half an hour.

It’s most likely that you’ll speak with our Managing Director Adam and you can book a slot straight into our calendar below.