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Looking for a reliable, proactive local accounting partner for your business?

Our Leicester-based digital accountancy practice, Linford Grey, specialising in Xero, is here to guide you through your financial journey.

Whether you’re just starting out or your business is more established, our team can support and grow with you.

Why Choose Us as Your Accountant in Leicester?

Local Expertise

We're your Leicester small business accountant, well-versed in the local business scene. You don't have to worry about us being unresponsive, we answer the phones, respond to emails and we offer monthly 45min Health Check calls.

Xero Experts

As your dedicated Xero accountant in Leicester, we're committed to simplifying your financial management with cutting-edge technology. We're Xero Award winners, if you already use Xero we will take on your subscription if you're new to Xero this will be part of your service package.

Trust & Security

Your financial data is our top priority, you'll have 24/7 access to your numbers. We will never send you an unexpected bill for work you haven't approved. We're transparent, communicative and focus on building collaborative partnerships with all our clients.

Proof We're Worth It

Our Accounting Services Near You

✅ Xero Accounting

Access your financial data from anywhere, at any time, for complete control and real-time insights.

✅ Bookkeeping

Streamline your bookkeeping with automated solutions, saving you time and reducing errors.

✅ Digital VAT Filing

Trust our tax accountants in Leicester to prepare and file your taxes online quickly and accurately, ensuring you maximise deductions and minimise stress.

✅ Stat Accounts & Corp Tax

Preparing and filing your statutory accounts and corporation tax can be complicated and time-consuming. Let our team support you with good compliance.

✅ Easy Payroll & Pensions

Quickly and easily make bulk supplier and payroll payments. We can help making faster payments and eliminating the copy and pasting in making payments.

✅ Funding & Borrowing

We can provide you with solutions to grow your business by combining our unique knowledge of your accounts with the accessibility of funding across grants, loans, R&D and asset funding.

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