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Adam Pritchard

By Adam Pritchard
February 18, 2020

Looking for a Leicester Accountant?

In this day and age, it doesn’t really matter where your service provider is located to be able to provide you with a good service.

But, some of us like our service providers to be in close proximity to where we’re based.

It makes us feel more comfortable and the services more easily accessible.

Our Managing Director, Adam Pritchard, was born and raised in Leicester and therefore Leicester was the perfect location to set up his chartered accountancy practice, Linford Grey.

So, if you’re looking for your first accountant in the Leicester area or a better accountant in and around Leicester, then why don’t you have a chat with us at Linford Grey?

We’re the digital chartered accountants in the Leicestershire area.

Your Leicester Accountant

How are we different from any other accountants in Leicester?

Accountants are notoriously known for being poor communicators (even in Leicester).

It’s the number one complaint we hear from new clients about their previous accountants.

The lack of communication causes stress and a lot of frustration if queries or issues aren’t addressed in a timely fashion.

That’s why our main focus is clear, consistent and transparent communications.

You will also have access to your data 24/7 so you can see how your business is doing without needing us to log you in or tell you.

Of course, we offer the services most accountancy practices do, accounting, bookkeeping, tax services, vat, payroll, etc. That’s just the compliance side of things, where we really excel and make a difference is giving advice offering solutions and financial planning/forecasting/tax planning.

We go beyond the traditional roles of accountants and add the kind of value that can really help your business grow sustainably and scale successfully.

Accountants tend to be seen as a grudge purchase or a necessary evil. We don’t want you to see us that way, we want to work with you, form a good long-term relationship and make a real difference to your business bottom line.

We don’t do any ad-hoc work, because we don’t want the distraction. You are our focus and we want to know your business inside out to be able to make a real difference.

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Who do we work with?

We work with business owners of all sizes, big or small. Limited companies, freelancers, anyone who is looking for comprehensive accounting services to support, get advice and receive great added value can come on board with Linford Grey.

It doesn’t matter what sector you’re in, we work with clients all over the country, not just Leicestershire. Some clients run e-commerce businesses and some run pubs. We’re well versed in most sectors and are always eager to learn more so we can deliver the right results for you.

Our team will invest in you and your business and we expect you to do the same for us. We want to work with like-minded business owners as there will be some work required from you for us to be able to do our job to the best of our ability.

It’s a partnership, teamwork, as accounting requires input from both parties. (We’ll do the heavy lifting though.)


How do we work?

We aren’t your typical chartered accountants in Leicester.

We’re modern, in the 21st century, tech-savvy, we use different software and integrations to make your life as a business owner easier.

We don’t do physical meetings, everything we do is online, we have always worked this way. We use Google Hangouts to speak with you every month, you can see us and we can see you. By working online and meeting online you save a lot of travel time and time away from running your business.

When you’re not speaking with us, we’ll be reporting to you via video recordings. We use software called Loom to record in-screen videos to show you what work we’ve done for you or to explain queries.


We use the Xero cloud accounting software, we’re Gold Certified Xero Accountants and we also won their Total Xero award this year (2021). So we definitely know what we’re doing when it comes to bringing your numbers into the cloud.

You’ll receive free access to Xero when you come on board with us (including some other software). Xero features automated bank feeds, receipt uploads, a mobile app, real-time reporting wherever you are, whenever you need and from any device. You could be in Leicester, or anywhere in the country or world and have access to your numbers.

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How much do we charge?

Because we’re open and transparent we show our pricing on our website, which seems to be quite unusual for accountants.

We offer three broad service packages starting from £250 pm. There are no upfront costs and there are no hidden costs, just a monthly direct debit for the amount agreed. All additional work that falls outside of your service level agreement will be quoted for and billed separately.

If you’re looking for a more bespoke service and have specific accounting needs that you don’t see in our fixed packages, don’t worry, we can tailor any package to your specific needs.

You can see all our prices and service here on our dedicated page.


Need some more convincing?

We can talk to you about ourselves and how we can do a great job for you until the cows come home. So don’t take our word for it, take our clients words for it.

They have left us some lovely testimonials since we’ve been working with them that might give you a better idea of why we’re the accountants for your business.

You can find our testimonials on our dedicated page here.


Want to get in touch with us?

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We’re your new age chartered accountants in Leicester.

If you like the sounds of all of the above and want us to start looking after your accounts, there are quite a few ways you can contact our lovely professional team.

Sign up immediately

  • If you’re already sold, you’ve looked at our service packages and want to sign up straight away you can click on the ‘Select’ button on the service package you want to go with. This will take you through a short signing up process. Once completed our Managing Director Adam will get in touch with you to get you onboarded to become a Linford Grey client.

Book a discovery call

  • If you’re not quite there yet you can book a free discovery call. This call is for half an hour. We’ll introduce ourselves, you can tell us all about yourself and your business. We can have a review of your current accounting status and you can see if we’re the right accountants for you.

Give us a call

  • You can give us a call on 0116 4026 125

Drop us an email

Fill out our contact form


Loads of different ways of getting in touch with us to require about our services in our Leicester office.

So what are you waiting for?

We’re ready to do a great job for you.

Can you say the same about your current accountant?

Linford Grey, your chartered accountants Leicester

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